Promotional Stick Up Calendars, Custom Printed Stick-up Calendars
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Promotional Stick-Up Calendars, Press-n-Stick Calendars, Peel And Stick Calendars, a classic inexpensive calendar style, small in size but still with plenty of room for your logo and advertisement. Vinyl tops are available in 115 different shapes and 28 different vinyl colors and up to 33 imprint colors so you can customize these mini stick up calendars to fit your needs. Convenient and perfect to stick on almost any surface.
The self-adhesive backing allows you to place it in lots of different locations such as the Dashboard of Cars & Trucks, File Cabinets, Tool Boxes, Refrigerators, Lockers, Desk and any suitable surface.

See additional shapes and print designs on our SHAPES PAGE
Promotional Stick Up Calendars Customized with your Company Logo & Information

Promotional Stick-Up Calendars are Mini Calendar Billboards suited for any business. Very economical and with plenty of room for your custom advertising copy.  Available in many shapes and colors, will deliver your message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Shapes include: Apple Shaped, Barn Shaped, Bottle Shaped, Bovine Shaped, Cactus, Can, Car Shaped, Cell phone, Cheese, Cheese, Church, Computer, Cow, Cross, Eagle, Foot, Foot, Hammer, Hand, Horse, Horse Shoe, Hot Rod, Lightbulb, Limo, Phone, Pig, Pizza, Ribbon, Steer, Taxi, Tea Pot, Tow Truck, Tractor Shaped, Truck, Van, Wagon, and much more. Themes such as: Agriculture, Body Shops, Coffee shop, Dentist, Electricians, Food, Patriotic, Plumbers, Religious, Repair shops, Restaurants, Retail stores, Services, Sports, Towing, Tracking, Transportation, and more. Custom stick-up calendar shapes are available to make your promotion unique and tailored to your products and services.

Stick up calendars, Peel-and-stick calendars, Peel-N-Stick, Promotional calendars in many shapes and colors. Shapes include Van, Truck, Wagon, Church, Cup, Hammer, Antique car, Tractor, Bread, American flag, Arrow, House, Happy face Ribbon, Press-n-Stick Calendars, Peel And Stick Calendars


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